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You are here: Greater Things > Arab-Israeli Conflict and Reconciliation (Index)

Conflict and Reconciliation


Index of resources elaborating roots of the conflict and peaceful suggestions for remedy.

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Simple Solution to the Middle East Fix Exclusives

Petition > Petition of Reconciliation Between the Descendants of Ishmael ( ...
Petition of Reconciliation Between the Descendants of Ishmael (Muslim World) and Isaac (Jewish/Christian World) Petition.
911 Prophecy > Bible Codes -- Seek humble reconciliation not hot retaliation
... PRESS RELEASE. Bible Codes: Seek humble reconciliation not hot retaliation. ...
News Commentary > 911 and 666 -- Prophetic Ramifications of September 11, 2001
Prophecies specifying the terrorist attack encourage repentance and reconciliation. Conspiratorial involvement behind the attack ...
Essay > Attributes of Nations-Races Compared to Personal Stages of Growth
Movie Review > 12 Angry Men and 911 (Who's Right? Opinions Changing?)
... than seek hot revenge on the 911 attackers, perhaps we should look inward and realize that unless we change our arrogance, the anger of the Arab world will ...
911 Alphabetics > 911 (Sept. 11, 2001) in Alphabetics Bible Code -- Day of Distress ...
Word 119 (11th of Sept) in the Old Testament lexicon is the word "ARAB"
Alphabetics > 1260 Days of Tribulation in Jerusalem DC and Utah
... brother.". That is what makes the Arab-Israeli-Christian conflict so ironic. They all descend from the same father, Abraham. Word ...
911 Alphabetics  > Page 911 in Webster's III '61 Dictionary -- Friction, Friends, ...
"showing the need for the two estranged brother
of long ago, namely Ishmael and Isaac"
911 Alphabetics > Brother Backwards -- Unintended, Prophetic Affirmation
... Ishmael was the progenitor of the Jews and Free World Christians (Ephraim), dovetails into the theme of that write-up -- the need for reconciliation with our ...
911 Commentary > Osama bin Laden -- Prophecies About Monsterous Islamic Moses


Other Relevant Websites

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Arab-Israeli Conflict But Were Never Told - journalist Joel Bainerman provides insights into the conflict and recommendations for remedy.
Barry Chamish Archives - Chamish is an Israeli journalist who has done much research into the corruption of Israel's government--from outside forces and from within.
Four Faces of Islam, by Berit Kjos: 1) Moderate Islam, 2) Militant Islam, 3) Folk Islam, 4) pending


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