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'Book of Mormon' in Bible Code


Book of Mormon Commentary on Sept. 11 (9-11); Chapters 9 Verse 11

Evidences and exposition from words and numbers associated with 'Book of Mormon' in equidistant-letter-sequence Torah code and Alphabetics code

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The Book of Mormon -- Another Testament of Jesus Christ
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Studies by Sterling D. Allan

Page Number Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Bible, and Sealed Portion - 531 (#pages in BofM) x 3 (3/3 = sealed + preparatory) = 1563.  LDS printing of Bible has 1560 pages.  Page 1563 is blank.
360 -- Many Evidences for the Book of Mormon - Skip sequence for 'sefer (Book) MORMON' in Bible Code is 360. Words and pages 360 in Bible-bases sources provide affirmative commentary on the Book of Mormon.
531 and the Book of Mormon - Words and Pages numbered 531 in the Old and New Testament Lexicons and several English dictionaries vindicate the Book of Mormon's witness of Jesus Christ.
Zenos' Allegory (Jacob 5) in the New Testament Lexicon - Eleven consecutive pages of definitions in Zodhiates New Testament dictionary contain key words from Zenos' Allegory and of vineyard imagery in general, confirming the allegory and offering additional insight.
515 'Book of Mormon' in Theomatics, Alphabetics - Theomatics: 'The Law' = 515 = 'The Book of Mormon'; 515 in Alphabetics: 'The esteemed book of Messiah, whose foundation is God.'



Studies by Dean Mansfield

star Is the Book Of Mormon of Hebrew Origin? - Pre- versus post-Babylon captivity Judaism, and the preservation of Messianic teachings and traditions.
Ets Ephraim va-Ets Yahudah - Following words encoded in Ezekiel 37: Bible, Book, Mormon, Joseph, Smith.
'Mormon Book' Skip Sequence in Torah Code - 'MRMN sefer (book)' skip sequence of 105 in Deuteronomy 32-34, includes phrases: 'from Egyptian,' 'Aramaic,' 'English,' and 'Hebrew;' also 'rosh Joseph,' 'America,' 'Jeshurun'
More: click here for many more writings by Dean on things Book of Mormon in Bible Codes




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