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You are here: Greater Things > Essays > A Resolution for Sleeping Giants of the United States

A Resolution for America's Sleeping Giants
"Awake and Put on Strength"

Whereas our nation was founded on principles of freedom and the attendant responsibilities, which principles were safeguarded in the Constitution of the United States and are to be held inviolate by the vigilance and moral rectitude of the citizens of the land.

Whereas this land was foreordained of God to be a land of liberty, with a manifest destiny to stand as a beacon to all nations.

Whereas there are very wealthy and powerful individuals both in this nation and in other nations who do not cherish that freedom, but conspire against it and unite themselves in secret combinations to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries and establish world socialist government in its place.

Whereas these individuals and their disciples are now found in every segment of our society, including our banks, our businesses, our media, our schools, our churches, our government.

Whereas they have achieved an alarming degree of success in building their New World Order, so that the last vestiges of freedom hang precariously in the balance.

Whereas preparations are in place to bring social havoc out of which they may solidify their tyrannical reign.

Whereas they have achieved crucial momentum to carry forth their intentions so that they may very well prevail for a period of time.

Whereas the triumph of evil is not a function of the weakness of God but of those he has called to stand in opposition to it.

Whereas the God of heaven holds men and women accountable for the amount of light and knowledge they have been given, hence the people of this supremely blessed state have an equally tremendous degree of culpability for the victories of this New World Order.

Whereas the power of God is greater than the power of the evil of tyranny, and the truth and righteousness of freedom will ultimately prevail when men and women embrace it with all their hearts, turning completely to God.

Now therefore, let it be resolved for this people and all people to awake to a sense of their awful situation, put on strength in the Lord, and stand finally and triumphantly in victorious opposition to those who would destroy freedom, that the kingdom of God and the freedom it promotes, may fill the entire earth and bless all nations as decreed by God.

by Sterling D. Allan; Mapleton, Utah; May 8, 1998


Of Note

400+ fliers with this resolution printed on them were put on cars at the Republican State Convention held in Orem Utah, May 8&9, 1998.


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