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Most DifficultThe One Mighty and Strong as a Typical Pattern -- Not an Unreachable Pedestal

Why is it that so many "awakened" saints such as those on the Shulemna list look for the One Mighty and Strong to be some fancy shmancy infallible being -- someone like John the Revelator who never tasted of death but who has a testifying mission yet to fulfill, or someone like Joseph Smith come back as a resurrected being?

Why are you looking for someone to lean on, like the Mormons think they can lean on the prophet?

Why couldn't the Davidic Servant be one who is born in our day, raised as we were, subjected to the same circumstances and foibles, and who eventually rises above these, overcoming the world through faith in Christ?  Why can't that glow he eventually has be one that comes through this path of progression while living here in the flesh?  Why can't he be someone whom we can point to as a typical pattern for what all may accomplish?

Certainly you agree that we live in the day of transition, as the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled and a new quantum leap forward comes in.

You also agree that what is coming is going to be a nation of kings and priests, of queens and priestesses in Zion.  All there will speak in the name of the Lord.  All will be prophets.  Right?

Is not the great message of our day, therefore, that each individual should establish his/her own relationship with the Lord, on the rock of Jesus Christ, to establish a direct channel with the heavens, to receive revelation, to discern, to make choices as a responsible enlightened being?

If the One Mighty and Strong were to be some great figure upon which we could lean, then would not we commit the same folly with him that the Mormons currently commit in leaning more on the prophet than on Christ?  Isn't that the folly of all follies?   (See book: Man of Sin Revealed.)

Furthermore, besides referring to one individual (or couple) in particular, isn't the path of the Davidic Servant a general calling to which many are called and some actually chosen?  Isn't the life of the Davidic Servant something that should be reflected in each of our lives as we follow the Lord during this great era of transition?  Can you not see therefore that if he were to be a being such as John the Beloved or Joseph Smith come back as a resurrected Being, then the pattern role would be lost.

What did Jesus say?  "What manner of men ought ye to be?  Even as I am."  This principle holds true also for the Davidic Servant.  It is a role to be emulated, not set up on an untouchable pedestal.

Isn't it about time we finally break completely from the Mormon myth which looks to the prophets through time as an untouchable class, rather than realizing that each of us is to be a prophet?

I believe that when the story of the Davidic Servant is told in retrospect, there will be thousands of people, if not millions, who will think to themselves, "That is the story of my life too!" for each of them will have served faithfully as a servant of God on behalf of their fellowmen to help bring about a better world and will be able to relate to the rigors of thus walking.


Sterling D. Allan
a servant of the Lord
new scripture word studies

by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; July 11, 1999


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Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 12:50 AM
Subject: Back to the future

David's Outcasts -

    I have been musing on the info that has come my way lately concerning the fallibility of human leadership in all ages and conditions in regards to the church, even the supposed 'true' church of God (arm of the flesh).  Add to that the idea that we are all to have a one-on-one relationship with Christ and each become kings under Him. Not even relying, as so many of us have, on the actions and words of another revered but still mortal man, Joseph Smith.

    There is much talk by some over the Davidic King and the One Mighty and Strong and with that discussion goes the assumption by many that one of these fellows will tell us when to pick up and leave as well as physically lead us out so that there's no real spiritual duty on our part but to know who he is.

    It came to me that in the several dream sequences that have been told to me of those called out to go to the City of Zion that there is no call (of course) from SLC, nor any call from ANY earthly person.  When it's time to get out of dodge people are awakened by the spirit and/or by angels.  It's in the middle of the night and supposedly at a time when much communication is either not possible or not advisable.   I suppose that I state the obvious but I have recently been rethinking this scenario.  We leave at the behest of the spirit and travel where?  Well, wherever the spirit directs as I don't suppose that we'll all have Liahonas placed upon our doorsteps.  Eventually, and even perhaps almost at the very beginning we may have others, neighbors, who are following the same promptings that we would be fellow travelers with.

    Certainly if any were to claim authority over their fellows it would put the kabosh on receiving the direction necessary in getting to the gathering points.  So it will be incumbent upon all to follow the spirit individually in order to follow by groups, for all will know.

    Eventually, sooner or later, I DO believe that we will meet up with "the group" led by the modern Moses.  But by that time we will already have a pretty good sense of spiritual direction happening. 

    Anyone have anything to add to this?


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