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#1 (11/11/98) THE VISION OF ALL -- the ultimate macro and micro parallel (1 pp.)

Abstract: Contained within the pages of the Book of Mormon as we now have it is a coded vision of all, via a macro parallel to the history of the Lehite people from beginning to end, and a micro application of that history to an individuals spiritual progression through life.

#3 (11/24/98) THE VISION OF ALL, and how the name "Greater Things" came to be (2 pp.)

Abstract: Announcement that The Vision of All is now fully on-line.   Story of landmark spiritual experience ten years ago witnessing that this concept is part of the "Greater Things" prophesied to come forth to those who receive that which they have already been given.

#6 (12/1/98) (1.5 pp.) Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28, 29 Parallel

Abstract: A new formatting of the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28 & 29 Parallel is now posted. Major clarity boost. This 177-consecutive idea line-up, which pairs the prophecy of "The drunkards of Ephraim" with those who cry "all is well," is one of the most sobering and and important parallels in all scripture.

#7 (12/5/98) (1 p.) II Nephi Structure w/ New Introduction

Abstract: Now posted:  a new formatting of the II Nephi 26 structure: 4 chiasms, 1 parallel, whole structure in script, structure diagram, and a newly written introduction. Brand new, two-frames technique for showing first and last halves of chiasms simultaneously. Content addresses the Grand Parallel between the Book of Mormon history and the history of the Lord's covenant people from Moses through the millenium. Addresses the Grand Chiasm which parallels the Jews at Christ's first advent and the Gentiles at his second in these latter days.

#9 (12/21/98) (1 p.) Welcome statement composed

#10 (12/24/98) (3.5 pp.) Calling on the Servants of God to Call Upon the Governments of the Earth to Repent

Abstract: As individuals are responsible to the Lord in choosing eternal life or misery, so also are nations responsible for choosing righteousness or captivity and destruction.  As individuals need to be fully informed of their responsibility before the Lord, so do nations need to be fully informed.  A role of greater things is to call upon the governments of the earth to repent, informing them of their duty, binding up the law and sealing up the testimony.

#11 (1/9/99) (1 p.) Clinton & Lewinsky in the English Dictionary

Abstract: New release overview:  Clinton & Lewinsky; Y2K social opportunities; World Government, not if but whose; World Government Index; Pi in the Bible; E. Coli 0157 in the Bible.

#13 (1/13/99) (1 p.) I Will Cut Off Their Chariots

Abstract: Transportation disruption prophesied in Bible and Book of Mormon.

#14 (2/10/99) (1 p.) Thesis Statement for Greater Things Web Site

Abstract: Gentiles today (Christians/Mormons) parallel the Jews anciently.   The Jews were looking for a government of God (second coming) but got the gospel.  The Gentile people of God in these latter days are focused on the gospel (first coming) but are supposed to be building a free government.  Instead, they are building Satan's New World Order.   Oops.

#16 (3/29/99) (1/2 p.) Zenos' Allegory in the New Testament Lexicon

Eleven consecutive pages of definitions in Zodhiates New Testament dictionary contain key words from Zenos' Allegory and of vineyard imagery in general, confirming the allegory and offering additional insight.

#17 (3/30/99) (1/2 p.) Year 2000 Synonyms & Antonyms in the NT Dictionary

Word 2000 means "near to falling." Its antonyms mean "steadfast," and link to such concepts as alpha & omega, Messiah, and the Book of Mormon; but don't reflect positively on the mainstream of people who claim to adhere to that book.

#18 (3/30/99) (1 p.) NEWSTUFF: Engagement; SSN; Manti 835;

NEW: (1) Write-up on word coincidences with Cheri's and my engagement; (2) my Social Security number in the lexicons; (3) Manti, Utah in the lexicons; (4) new web site posted:

#19 (3/30/99) (1 p.) New Post: James E. Faust, Gen. Conf. Oct. '94 Chiasm

The entire LDS General Conference talk given by President Faust on "The Keys That Never Rust" is arranged in a huge macro chiasm consisting of smaller chiasms and parallels.  Why?

#21 (5/11/99) (2 pp.) Posted: A New Testament : A Mighty Change for a New World

This on-line book on the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost is now posted in an Internet-friendly format for easy viewing.

#23 (5/18/99) (1 p.) God the Father and Mother Encoded in Alphabetics

The very first word in Hebrew is "Father," spelled aleph, bet or ALPHABET.  Other developments announced.

#24 (5/20/99) (1 p.) May 22 Wedding Foretold in Alphabetics

Three dictionaries' pages 522 headings: "Matrimony," "Couple," "Permanent Magnets"

#25 (7/4/99) (1 p.) Word Studies Validating and Expounding the Declaration of Independence

There are three documents at relevant to the Declaration of Independence.  (1) A Chiasm of the document; (2) comparing the document to today's circumstances; (3) an Alphabetics study looking at words 1770- 1792 in Zodhiates' NT Lexicon.

#26 (7/6/99) IOU = 666

#27 (7/11/99) OMS as Pattern not Pedestal

#28 (7/18/99) Man of Sin, Son of Perdition

#29 (7/20/99) Seeking Your Entry to the "Lexicon of Life: Encyclopedia for the Remnant"

#30 (8/4/99) Clinton with HIV: Backfiring prison blood scandal infects the President with AIDS virus foretold in Alphabetics Bible Study

#31 (8/11/99) (1 p.) Tornado In SLC: Repent Ye Mormons

Considers the symbolic significance of the path the tornado took when it surgically went its way through downtown Salt Lake City.

#32 (8/11/99) (2 pp.) President Clinton with HIV: Further Collaborations

There is a 9-page-consecutive parallel between Blood Trail and Thayer's NT lexicon which further validate the thesis of that "fiction," showing it to be not so fictional after all.

#33 (8/16/99)  650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

Two photos and description of nearly 1000 white, unmarked, variety of UN-looking vehicles that are being stockpilled and fitted with prisoner cages and shackles at Bastrop Federal Penetentiary in Texas.

#35 (8/19/99)  811--August 11--SLC Tornado Foretold

#39 (9/9/99)  May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment Cataclysms Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code

#49 (10/14/99)  As God is, Man May Become

Biblical Statements vs. Gordon B. Hinckley Statement.

#70 (11/19/99)  Alpha, Omega, Meridian and Messiah's Mission and Identity

The first, last and middle words and numbers in the various scriptural texts and lexicons provides commentary about the first and second Messianic advents.

#111 (3/12/00)  Maritime Admiralty Jurisdiction Conspiracy Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code

Two "keyes" related studies announced: (1) 4268 correction number for New Age deception keyster list; (2) My voter ID number (discovered when voting for Keyes) foretells maritime admiralty law usurpation of supreme law of the land -- the Constitution.



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