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Greater Things > Topical > God, Privilege of Seeing Face to Face

Beholding the Face of God -- in the Mirror

bullet  Dream

I had an interesting dream series last night.

First, I was in an intimate fireside type setting with a group of Mormons, prior to a larger event. The fireside featured an Apostle, and he had opened a question and answer session. I had raised my hand and was called on. The feeling was not one of being rushed, but as though we had all the time in the world, though in reality the window was probably between 5 and 10 minutes. I then, meticulously formed the following question, modifying the words until I got it just right. 

My Question: "The Holy Scriptures would seem to indicate that a paragon of the apostolic calling is to behold the face of God and to give testimony of that encounter to the people. The scriptures also seem to indicate that such an encounter is within the scope of every member of the church, indeed even everyone who so desires. [Link] Could you perhaps comment on that phenomenon, and give and give a few examples as it relates to the present body of apostles?"

Though those few sentences take but a minute to write down, it seemed in the dream that it took me about five minutes to painstakingly compose it. And after I did, I felt it was quite good, so I got out of bed and came in to write it down.

When I went back to bed, the dream (actually at this point it was more of a pondering session) continued, and the Apostle responded as follows. (Unspoken was the awareness that while everyone knew it was a good question, most also knew that few, if any modern "apostles" had seen God in the ultimate sense, such as is told of Joseph Smith having allegedly have had the Father and Son appear to him. Most instances might be in a dream context, or perhaps in a near death experience.)

Response: That is an unusually articulate pronouncement of that question, showing that you have put much thought into this issue. I would be curious to know what your answer to that same question might be, if you don't mind me asking. And once again, I was pleased with the answer that this time came fairly quickly.

Me: The answer to that question depends on a person's understanding of God, which understanding evolves over time for each individual. And that definition could be as simple as asking a child who Santa Clause is -- if that child happens to have peeked in on Christmas Eve. In fact, we all are God (or part of God), at various stages of development, both the child and the parent. And beholding the face of God is actually no more difficult than looking in the mirror, both as a child and as a parent. God is nothing more than an evolved version of a child, spiritually speaking. 

Once again, I got out of bed to come in here and write that down.

When I went back to bed, the clock changed to 4:44, just as I climbed in, and continued mulling on the concepts and wordings, with additional modifications coming to mind. But I didn't want to get back up, being so comfortable, spooning with my wife. And I was reminded that our role as "God" is best augmented when we are in a good relationship with our partner in life as a couple. 

Back in the fireside context, I commented, "And you can see why I no longer feel obligated to be a member of the Church. I peeked." (Referring to the Santa metaphor.)

And metaphorically speaking, once one person peeks and tells, everyone is in on the secret. We all become apostles. "Would God that all were prophets." Now we all are. No more reason to hang out at church as if it were a prerequisite to salvation, where people think only certain people can be prophets, to talk to God and tell us what we need to know. I'm an independent.

We all can play a part of the God role in serving one another and carrying out good on the planet, especially after we die and step into the angelic role for one another.

by Sterling D. Allan; Mt. Pleasant, Utah; January 13, 2012

The above account is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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