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Vision of Bernhardt (Benny) Arnold -- foreign troops overrunning U.S.

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to oppose Feds

Hello Brother Sterling. Thank you so much for this e-mail update. Like I told you under my address I had some visions. 1st i had several visions that were the same. I had seen foreign ships with big guns, like battleships and aircraft carriers and waterborne troop landing craft (several hundred of these type of craft). Plus there were airborne troops parachuting in (filled the sky like locusts). They started out on the west coast. We were completely overrun. Also the airborne troops were jumping into California and also the location of you in the picture at Santee, Utah. A great voice said this is what is in store for America until she repents and turns away from her wicked and evil ways. Only when my people who are called and intercede upon the behalf of America, will I then forgive her of her sins and heal her land. Then I was shown thousands upon thousands of foreign troops fighting an outnumbered American Military. Then a militia (army of people or saints) numbering in the thousands were formed in the east. All mounted on horses, with one in the lead that appeared as pure white like I have never seen before. Eyes were blazing red with a tongue that looked as if it were a double edged sword. Feet were like bronze. They swept across America and destroyed the foreign forces and the great and loud voice of the pure white one said, " My people and her land will live in peace, because they were obedient and faithful until the very end. Then I also saw a great dark cloud crossing the Atlantic 3 times before the fight had commenced coming toward America from Europe. The voice had said that America will have people of ill will come in 3 waves to inhabit our land and attack us from within. But the voice said my children and America will prevail due to their faithfulness and works in my name. And that the beast and Babylon will be destroyed and tossed back into the fiery pit. Then the vision ended. I have had this vision several times. Also, I have seen on my last vision, lights that appeared like lasers coming from the mid to eastern side of Utah. The voice said do not fear, for I live among my children and have a full circle of protection around them. He said remember Psalms 91 and 2 Chronicles 7:14 then the vision ended. This last one appeared last night. Take care and God Bless you , your family and all Patriot Saints.

Sincerely, Benny, Christian Patriot Saints.

>From: "Sterling D. Allan"
>Subject: MORE: (not just...) Ranking leaders in Utah National Guard plan to
>oppose Feds
>Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:49:17 -0700
>Another biggie, this one from Pam Schuffert, to be added to the growing
>list of very interesting and sobering feedback indexed from:

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